Andor connects traditional techniques with Urban Culture

Made in Barcelona and inspired by the asymmetries of life, our skateboards bring a deep feeling of joy and freedom.

Andor is a hand-carved solid wood skateboards brand, that uses traditional gouge and mallet carving techniques.

We seek to find a balance between nature and people, between urban life and experiences in the countryside, between the antique and the modern.  We believe that it‘s in this balance that a pluralized, conscious and sustainable society develops.

Discover the Andor Skateboards 2022 Collection


A mini-longboard with a wide and stable deck that translates into a good support base for your feet, giving confidence and security.


A fishtail cruiser, very easy to carry and designed for city life. As a small board, it turns tight and sharp, maintaining the flow and the balance in a natural way.


A mini-longboard with an extremely well balanced medium-deck, designed for a fluid ride while keeping a good rhythm and speed in an endless curve.


A mini-longboard with a steady wide deck, that provides stability and comfort to your feet. Specially designed for surf-skate.

Well crafted board, high quality up to the last detail. Very happy!

Larriza GarciaDE

Muito satisfeita com a tábua, a talha na madeira e o acabamento natural é absolutamente lindo. Adorei!

Ana PintoPT

Sick boards, it was very hard to choose between the cool designs!

Thomas JonesUK

La tabla se maneja sorprendentemente bien en la carretera. Muy resistente!

Marc GonzálezES

Mooie board, fijne communicatie en erg snel in huis, super service.

Hugo RinsemaNL

Excellent quality of the board wood, very comfortable and beautiful skateboard.
The handmade work over the board is something stunning, it’s a piece of art.
I really would buy another one to hang on the wall of my living room.
Good work guys!

Henrique TorelliBR

We connect traditional techniques with urban culture

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